Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Forgiving God - Day 19

Mark 2:7

Why does this fellow talk like that? He's blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?

1. Forgiving yourself and others seems natural, but forgiving God? How does that concept make you feel?

God is perfect and cannot sin, but we are not perfect and were born sinners. It's not a crazy concept to me. Since we are not perfect and are sinners it's not a surprise that we sometimes get angry at God.

2. Do you at times feel as if God let you down? In what ways? Tell Him.

Dear God,

I wasn't directly angry at You. I know You love me and I know You love Hannah. You are my comforter and will use the death of Hannah for amazing things. The glory will be pointed back to You.

I have felt like You looked away. I know You could have healed Hannah, but You chose not to. I wish I could fully understand why. But I trust You and will continue to follow You and Your ways.

3. Take a thick marker and a helium balloon. Write on it ways you feel God has let you down.

4. Ask God to help you release your balloon.

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