Friday, April 4, 2014


Relating: to tell, show, establish a logical or casual association, connect with

What Do You Say...
What do you say when a baby dies and someone says...
"At least you didn't' bring it home."
What do you say when a baby is stillborn and someone say...
"At least it never lived."
What do you say when a mother of three says...
"Think of all the time you'll have."
What do you say when so many say...
"You can always have another."
What do you say when someone says... nothing?
What do you say when someone says... "I'm sorry."
You say, with grateful tears and warm embrace,
"Thank you!"
Bereavement Services, Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation, Lacrosse, Wisconsin
We all need "Kleenex & candle" friends when we suffer loss. Compassionate companions who give us permission to cry and offer and Kleenex or tears. When the darkness of discouragement comes they encircle us. Our heroes of hope light the way to brighter tomorrows and to the None who is truth and our eternal encouragement. And at the right season, we can pass on what we have received to others... a Kleenex & candle.
Kathe Wunnenberg

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